How Being with Our Pain Can Open Our Hearts

A Few Thoughts about Suffering An excerpt from Peace from Anxiety Being with Suffering Being in a conscious relationship with suffering is necessary if we want to be whole and at peace. As B...

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What Does It Mean to Relax?

Welcoming Yoga Nidra An excerpt from Radiant Rest One of the first things I became aware of, as I began to practice and then share deep relaxation, was that it’s difficult for most of...

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Peace from Anxiety Book Club Guide

The material in Peace from Anxiety can be much more impactful when approached in an interactive and exploratory way. It is especially powerful when you can engage with the material with others. This...

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Free Dowload | Peace from Anxiety

5 Free Tools to Release Stress and Anxiety ENTER YOUR EMAIL TO RECEIVE FIVE FREE TOOLS FROM PEACE FROM ANXIETY. Reclaim your capacity to heal and learn to regulate your nervous system with pract...

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