The Taoist Translations of Thomas Cleary: A Reader’s Guide

Thomas Cleary (1949—2021) was one of the twentieth century’s greatest translators of Asian classics. He was extremely prolific, translating and authoring countless works. Shambhala Publications ha...

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Tao Te Ching: A Reader’s Guide to the Great Taoist Classic

Legend has it that around the sixth century BCE, during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China, a wise and venerable philosopher found himself so distraught over the chaos and social upheaval o...

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Samurai and Japanese Culture Reader’s Guide: The Works of Master Translator and Author William Scott Wilson

One of the greatest joys for me as an editor at Shambhala Publications is when I work on books by people I have long admired. This was most definitely the case when Shambhala had the good fortune to b...

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The Energy of Life from Eva Wong’s Being Taoist

Understanding the Energy of Life An excerpt from Eva Wong's Being Taoist Laozi said the following: The valley spirit that does not die is the Mysterious Female. The gate of the Mysterious Female...

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