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On Compassionate Conversations

A Foreword to Compassionate Conversations by Ken Wilber One of the most gratifying and encouraging developments on the recent cultural scene is that, after literally decades of polarizing and increasingly nasty culture wars, there are individuals who do not simply join in the fray and thus only contribute to the mess, but rather have started to actually stand back and seriously reflect on the situation. They point out not just how one side is totally right and the other side totally...
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Integral Theory Primer: A Reader’s Guide to Ken Wilber by Ali Akalin

Ali Akalin was born in Turkey, and grew up in Thailand and the Netherlands. Ali is a writer, editor, and teacher at Core Integral. He works closely with Clint Fuhs and Ken Wilber in developing in-depth courses on Integral Theory. Ali currently holds an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. He would like to invite anyone interested in learning Integral Theory to check out for a curriculum specifically structured to the Integral Approach. In his own words......
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Ken Wilber: Remembering Traleg Rinpoche

"At 12:10 am on July 24, Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche passed into parinirvana. His death was not only a deep shock, but a truly tragic loss to the world of spirituality in general and Buddhism in particular-well, actually a tragic loss to the world, period. Traleg was one of what can truly be called a genuine Kosmopolitan-a truly universal human who had a deep understanding not only of Eastern culture and practices, but a genuinely profound grasp of the West and...
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