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The Pali Tradition in 2021: The Essential Books on Theravada & Insight Meditation

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Theravada Buddhism: A Guide for Readers

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Elephants and Thai Monks | An Excerpt from In the Cool Shade of Compassion

The Art of Elephant Training An excerpt from In the Cool Shade of Compassion: The Enchanted World of the Buddha in the Jungle about the wandering monks and adepts of the village temples, hills, an...

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Temple Boy and Spitting Cobra | An Excerpt from In the Cool Shade of Compassion

A Lesson on Revenge Ajan Ngoen was born in 1890 in the Village of Grandma Hom’s Knoll in Nakhon Pathom, a province about sixty kilometers west of Bangkok. Ngoen’s father was a farmer and herbal...

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Michele Levey on The Power of Loving Kindness

by Michele Levey Creating a field of loving kindness is a very powerful meditation for daily life. Loving kindness and a good heart create the most powerful protection. The red cord that lamas give as a blessing during ceremonies actually stands for loving kindness. Buddha Shakyamuni was able to overcome...
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