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The Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness

An excerpt from Mindfulness: Where it Comes from and Why It Matters by Oxford University Lecturer Dr. Sarah Shaw.  This work explores the richness of mindfulness, how its presentation has evolved within various Buddhist traditions, and how it has often been misconstrued.


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Contemplate the Interdependent Nature of Reality

Radically Happy
Radically Happy: A User’s Guide to the Mind

“Warm relations” lead to feelings that one’s life has meaning and a sense of satisfaction with life. Cultivating interconnected happiness doesn’t have to be a big deal—putting a smile on someone’s face when you pour them a cup of coffee at a diner, helping a disabled person onto the bus, or just generally being kind—all these things add up. And that eventually leads to life satisfaction.

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Interview with Seattle IMS Founder Rodney Smith

An Interview with Rodney Smith, author of Awakening: A Paradigm Shift of the Heart

Shambhala: In your new book you take on the possibly daunting task of describing what enlightenment is and how it happens. To what extent can it even be described?

Rodney Smith: I think the words used to describe awakening can intimate something that we all feel is true though we may not have had the actual experience. When this book speaks of the paradigm shift toward nonseparation, many of us feel that possibility deeply within our hearts. We may even have had glimpses of that very perception, but few of us live continually within that reality, and that is where the real journey begins. In some ways the spiritual journey directs us toward a deeping faith. In the beginning we apply ourselves based on an indescribable ...

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Peace, Love, & Compassion Trio

Peace, Love, and Compassion Trio

The Peace, Love, and Compassion Trio is a short series on changing our inner lives in order to effect real change in our world. In each of these short, new editions, Pema Chödrön speaks with simplicity, guiding you through her teachings on how to use loving-kindness and compassion to achieve peace in your life and community.

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The Art Of Listening: Chanting and Meditation


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Perceiving Reality and the Metaphor of the Way

Exploring the Meaning of The Way An Excerpt from The Great Within Aspects of the Metaphor of the Way What do we mean when we say “the Way”? How does it function as a metaphor, and what do...

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Ethics Matter

Following the Green Practice Path An Excerpt from Green Buddhism Understanding Our Impact Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, cancelling clean-water regulations, stalling on clean-energy pr...

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Remembering the Good within You | An Excerpt from Lovingkindness

I will describe these phrases here in detail, and you can experiment with them, alter them, or simply choose an alternative set of three or four phrases. Discover personally in your own heartfelt in...

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The Mandala Principle

In this online course, esteemed Buddhist teacher and editor Judith Lief takes us on a journey through the mandala principle teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche as presented in his Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma.

Taught by: Judith L. Lief

Discovering the Relaxed Mind

Learn a seven-step meditation practice, concisely and practically adapted from the meditation techniques of three major Buddhist traditions—Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana—which Tibetan Buddhism knits into a seamless whole.

Taught by: Dza Kilung Rinpoche

Finding Freedom in Illness

In this online course, Peter Fernando, a former monastic and longtime student of his own chronic pain and illness, offers us the tools we need to discover deep well-being in the midst of difficulty and dis-ease.

Taught by: Peter Fernando

Start Here Now

Meditation expert and New York Times best-selling author Susan Piver has taught thousands of people how to meditate. In this course, Susan distills all of her best advice and tried-and-true techniques into a self-paced program that could change your life.

Taught by: Susan Piver

The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion

Once the essential foundation of the hinayana teachings has been laid, the next step begins with opening the focus of practice to include the world beyond oneself. This personal paradigm shift is the gate to the mahayana teachings, beginning with shunyata, the essential emptiness of all phenomena, and with the compassion that naturally arises from that understanding.

Taught by: Judith L. Lief

Entering the Path

The hinayana path is the foundation of the Buddhist teachings. To enter the path of Buddhist practice, one must start here. Based on training in mindfulness and awareness and in cultivating a deeper understanding of one’s own mind, the hinayana is what allows us to take delight in our everyday life just as it is.

Taught by: Judith L. Lief

Sit Like a Buddha

Believe what you've heard about meditation: it'll focus your mind, open your heart, and sometimes surprise you with insight. Lodro Rinzler, author of the book Sit LIke a Buddha, guides you through everything you need to establish a meditation practice.

Taught by: Lodro Rinzler