Positive Interventions Through Yoga Practices

Positive Interventions Through Yoga Practices An excerpt from Yoga for Times of Change by Nina Zolotow....

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How Being with Our Pain Can Open Our Hearts

A Few Thoughts about Suffering An excerpt from Peace from Anxiety Being with Suffering Being in a conscious relationship with suffering is necessary if we want to be whole and at peace. As B...

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Finding Rest Through the Open-Focus Method

Releasing Stress Before Sleep An excerpt from The Open-Focus Life The clock shows three o’clock in the morning. It’s a night like many others, when you can’t fall asleep, or you drift off ...

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Online Meetings Stressing You Out? Try Opening Your Focus

By Mark Beauregard Co-author of The Open-Focus Life Do you feel mentally or emotionally exhausted after Zoom meetings? Is it difficult to concentrate? Do you have physical symptoms that seem to ha...

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